While the digital revolution has given avenues to artists to showcase their work on social media platforms such as Instagram or 500px, mobile technology advancements has also raised a new crop of artists who use their smartphones as their canvas. Be it doodling with styluses on huge phablet screens or enhancing existing work with photo-editing apps and filters, phones have added a whole new set of tools to an artist’s kit.

One such artist is Delhi based Suraj Sirohi, who has been using his phone to add doodles to strangers’ pictures he receives in his mailbox. Sirohi’s doodles cleverly add humour and colour to a regular boring picture that would probably go unnoticed if not for the artwork that Sirohi superimposes.

“I bought Note 3 Neo a few months ago,” Sirohi told the Irish Examiner. “As you know it’s made for doodling and scribbling and comes with a stylus.”

“So I decided to start a project where I take photos of any random object I find in my house and then think ‘what can I make of it?’. I add my doodles to it by directly drawing on the photos. I love the challenge,” he added.

He takes requests to add doodles to pictures when users add #doodlethispic to their pictures on Instagram and send him an email. Once it’s done, the picture makes it to his colourful instagram timeline that features hordes of everyday objects given a new lease of life through his brush cum stylus.

Here’s a selection: