Investigators 'confident' they are on right trail
Officials from Australia and airplane manufacturer Boeing have indicated that they are confident the debris found a day ago by authorities on Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean belongs to a Boeing 777 aircraft. The debris is likely to be part of Malaysia Airlines flight 370, which mysteriously disappeared in March 2014 with all 239 people on board. The debris is currently being transported to France where the French aviation investigation authority will investigate the part and its origins. According to experts and independent investigators, factors like damage on the part and how it broke could indicate the trajectory of the plane before its disappearance, providing vital clues to what may have happened to the flight.

Landslides kill at least 30 in Nepal
Heavy rains since Wednesday afternoon led to landslides that buried several mountain villages in Nepal on Thursday, killing at least 30 people. Officials have indicated that the bad weather is hampering relief and rescue efforts. At least 19 people were killed in the village of Lumle, which is 200 kilometres from Kathmandu. The heavy rains have also grounded helicopters.

Six stabbed at Jerusalem pride parade
An ultra-Orthodox Jewish man has been arrested by Israeli police after six people were wounded in a stabbing at the Gay Pride parade in Jerusalem. Yishai Schlissel, arrested and sentenced to 12 years in prison for a similar attack at an earlier parade, is the prime suspect and was released from prison three weeks ago. Reports have indicated that two out of the six wounded a serious condition. Referring to the attack as "a most serious incident" Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated Israel's focus on providing people the freedom of choice. President Reuven Rivlin condemned the stabbing as a "terrible hate crime" and called for more tolerance.

Turkish opposition claims government targeting Kurds
Selahattin Demirtas, the leader of Turkey's Peoples' Democratic Party, on Thursday accused President Tayyip Erdogan of using the war against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant as a cover to launch air strikes in Syria and Iraq to curb Kurdish territorial ambitions. While the government is calling the strikes a "synchronised fight against terror", Demirtas has said the strikes against the Kurdish militants have been more forceful than the ones carried out against ISIS.

At least 24 dead in Mexico truck accident
Reports indicated that at least 24 people, including four children have died in an accident in which a truck plowed through a procession of pilgrims in the north-central town of Mazapil. The accident on Wednesday afternoon injured over 20 people as hundreds of pilgrims headed to the San Gregorio Magno Church in the area. Officials have indicated that the truck's brakes failed leading to the accident.