We are originally from Patna but I was born in Kolkata and have been here my whole life. Our family has run this phuchka stall here for 50 years. It was my father's but now he has a heart block so he can't come to work anymore. We do alright. There aren't that many customers every day. For the new year, I am working to pay for my father's operation. There are two blockages and it will cost at least Rs 2 lakh. What I earn every day is not enough.

I am the only son. I have a sister but she is married. I studied till Class 10 but then my father fell ill and there was no one else at home to run the family. So I started to work. I would like to study more. I was telling my mother the other day that if I could, I would study in an open university, do a course, and apply for a job. But right now, there is so much pressure at work that I don't have the time.

I would like to join the police. Or I could open a shop. Maybe I could open a food shop.