What can I say? I hope my wheat crop fares well and that we get a good rate for it.

My kharif crop planted last year was ruined because of heavy rains. I sowed in mid-June and then it rained so heavily in the middle of July that the crop died. I planted again. And it again rained so heavily in August that the crop got destroyed. By the end of the season, I only got 15 quintals of paddy from my two acres). In a good year, I would have gotten 60 quintals from each acre. The past year has been especially bad. The three years before that were okay.

What that has meant is that instead of making Rs 60,000 from my two acres in the kharif season, I earned just Rs 22,500. Now, for people like us, everything depends on the wheat harvest. If it fails, we will go deeper into losses and we will end up borrowing more from the moneylenders, who are agricultural traders in these parts. Those who have run up large debts will be told by the traders to sell some of their land. Some might even kill themselves.

So far, the weather is helping the crop.