A look back at the past six days.

'I loved Science, Stars, Nature': Suicide by suspended Dalit student sparks nationwide protests

'I feel a growing gap between my soul and my body,' wrote scholar at University of Hyderabad before he hanged himself. Read more here.

How the romance between an Aligarh Muslim and a Lithuanian Jew has shaped an Indian pharma major

Cipla's philosophy of delivering cheap drugs to people who need them is driven by its founder's storied past. Read more here.

'It makes you look like a fool': Even BJP MPs are ditching Modi's village development project

Parliamentarians initially jumped at the idea of adopting a village, but project flaws and unfair expectations have killed their enthusiasm. Read more here.

A brief tribute to Arvind Kejriwal and AAP government’s first year in power

Whatever the criticisms, the young party has shown that it can act against entrenched interests. Read more here.

‘Don’t go back to those dirty Indians’: The marines’ case fuels fascist sentiments in Italy

Right-wing vitriol has worsened since the medical leave of one of the two Italian marines accused of killing Indian fishermen was extended. Read more here.