There's a new noodle maker in town. Forget Maggi and Top Ramen, or even Ramdev's glorified Patanjali noodles. The real #MakeInIndia competition in the instant meal industry turned up on Reddit (and eventually made its way to Twitter).

Reddit, too, seemed to be having a ball with EnforcementDroid209 wanting to know if it will be "Called Top Raven in Sri Lanka?"

Redditor Cheeseblitz was "surprised no one's called Patanjali noodles 'Top Brahmen' yet."

DirtyPhoenix180 was just 'Waiting for Top Sita Noodles'...

As with more than a few things that make their way around Indian social media, there was only one picture available of the noodles and little other information – meaning there is a good chance that it could also be clever photoshopping.

But even if it is fake, it goes beyond just a simple pun. The picture actually taps into something very real going on at a time when jingoism and swadeshi offerings are back in vogue. In fact, they aren't just popular again, local products are using their homegrown images to give bigger consumer companies a run for their money.

Patanjali, which is endorsed by yoga guru Ramdev, doubled its revenues and profits in 2015 is on track to truly challenge the multinational fast-moving consumer good giants. The Art of Living's Sri Sri Ayurveda brand is also a player in the game, while the newest kid on the block is Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh's MSG All Trading International.

As with everything that Ram Rahim does, no stone is left unturned in explaining exactly what is going on when it comes to the idea behind MSG products.