Unnecessary generalisation

What you say about godmen and their cults is all common knowledge (“The Sri Sri syndrome: What we should not forget about so-called gurus and godmen”). Politicians, stars and even big industrialists actively involve themselves with these godmen because it’s an ideal and cheap way for them to interact and do business. Most of these godmen’s followers comprise the greedy class who want to use this as a networking platform. So please do not generalise.

However, your snide remarks about Hindu conversion are in very sad and bad taste. I now know for sure that you are a Congress supporter through and through, and are painting a picture which your party has wrongly painted since independence.

Your article would have been interesting had you not given it a political hue and joined everyone in the favourite pastime of Hindu bashing. H Bala


Most of what you say is true, but with one single stroke you have maligned all Hindu religious and spiritual institutions in India. Do you know there are many institutions who shun publicity but quietly work for the upliftment of the vast and multifaceted population in India. Please avoid generalisation. Despite such criticism, Hinduism has survived and will remain. Ranganathan Krishnamoorthy


Well done, TM Krishna. Your take on Sri Sri Ravi Shankar was music to the ears. Why people don’t discard all these low-level intellects with poor moral fibre is beyond my reckoning. Thank you for putting it so succinctly. Susheela


A highly unfair article that is most misleading and unacceptable. Freedom should not border on nonsense. The World Culture Festival definitely placed India on a high pedestal, especially by welcoming people from various parts of the world.

We never wage wars in the name of religion and we never will. This is being exploited by people like the writer to stake claims on broad-mindedness and to criticise a Hindu guru. Sathiavageeswaran


The writer repeatedly mentions “the institution of spirituality in India”. Do you know that faith and spirituality is a very personal and sacred space for everyone who has experienced it.

For you to generalise spirituality as an institution clearly shows that you have not been touched by its benefits. That apart, you are condemning a guru and humanitarian who has, through his untiring work, brought India into the limelight for spirituality and love.

Would you prefer that the Beatles and Madonna do the honours and take credit for all the cultural wealth that India had nurtured and treasured? Instead of finding something negative, why don’t you notice how many people have been touched by this one humanitarian (more than three million people attended the World Culture Festival)?

I suggest you experience the Art of Living before having such a small world view. If Scroll continues publishing articles like this, I assure you that you will lose readership for your lack of sensitivity and understanding. Nalini Mehta


TM Krishna can hold his nihilist views, but gross defamation is unacceptable. Through his article, Krishna has subverted facts and made allegations against gurus and godmen, including hurling a slanderous tirade against Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

How can he even postulate that Sri Sri Ravi Shankar could be called an anti-national when Gurudev has worked for decades to effectively empower and build India from the grassroots? Prime Minister Narendra Modi and several world leaders have recognised Art of Living’s global service initiatives and have lauded Gurudev’s genuinely impressive work.

Krishna is unable to grasp the scope or nature of Gurudev’s unprecedented interventions for positive social transformation, which are incomparable to corporate social responsibility projects. CSR is done from a percentage of profits, whereas Art of Living is a not-for-profit organisation. Art of Living is one of the few NGOs that spends 90% of its inflows on service projects.

Krishna not only shows a complete lack of understanding of what Art of Living is and does, but also of cults. How can Art of Living be called a cult when Gurudev reiterates that we are a one world family – Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. The World Culture Festival was not a celebration of “Hindu India”, but celebrated harmony in diversity.

While Krishna may have had his mind and soul hijacked, he has no right to outrage religious feelings. Sikhism, Jainism and Buddhism were founded by gurus, and in India where the guru tradition is still alive, to criticise all gurus and the institution of spirituality is to maliciously insult religious sentiments. Kavita Khanna


“Don’t let them hijack your mind and soul”. What do you think of yourself?

Your whole article is totally biased and opinionated. The internet has made everyone a philosopher these days. Please read, study and experience with an open mind before criticising and advising people against something. Satyendra Kumar