A look back at the past six days.

The emperor’s clothes: BJP files police complaint against journalist whose tweet mocked Modi

Making fun of people in power is a sacred right in a democracy. The BJP's moves to restrict it are alarming.Read more here.

Explainer: Why #PanamaPapers is just the tip of the iceberg

And how tax evasion hurts the world's poorest people.Read more here.

Far from being eternal, Bharat Mata is only a little more than 100 years old

It's only from the late 19th century that Bharatvarsha to refer to the subcontinent and Bharat as mother found their way into the popular vocabulary.Read more here.

They come and take photos to put on Facebook': Kolkata rescuers frustrated with disaster tourists

Eye-witnesses recall the horror of the few seconds when an under-construction flyover collapsed in the congested Girish Park area.Read more here.

Anti-nationals and terrorists: This is how the rest of India views Kashmiri students

Kashmiri youth say they have been facing increasingly more distrust and violence for the last two years.Read more here.