A look back at the past six days.

Dhaka terror attack: Bangladesh pays the price for its government’s policy of appeasing Islamists

The government has failed to display any kind of intention or plan to tackle such terrorist hate crimes.Read more here.

India unzipped: How did polyamory become synonymous with sexual liberation?

Karan Johar recently established how getting enough of, or chasing, sex may not be a marker of success, happiness or liberalism. Read more here.

Dhaka attack: Why denouncing the terrorists as being untrue to Islam is completely ineffectual

The argument that Islam and Islamism are distinct is becoming harder to make.Read more here.

A children’s choir taps into genius of AR Rahman and Ilaiyaraaja to create world-class music

Chennai Children’s Choir is changing the lives of its disadvantaged children with music.Read more here.

Why banning Islamic preacher Zakir Naik isn’t a good way to defeat his bigotry

Fighting Naik’s Salafism with an illiberal clampdown on free speech will only end up making matters worse.Read more here.