Television news continues to break new ground – but in this case one Pakistani TV channel seems to have taken that dictum to the limit. A reporter from Express News appears to have sent in a report from inside the grave in which activist and philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi's body will be buried.

The text going along with the report says "Karachi: inside the last resting place of the servant of humanity, Abdul Sattar Edhi."

Edhi, a national icon in Pakistan, died on Friday at the age of 88 after having been ill for several weeks. His incredible stature both within the country and abroad has meant non-stop coverage from Pakistani news organisations on his death and its aftermath. Every single aspect got covered.

The imperatives for news channels are understandable. Edhi looms large over the Pakistani nation and he is in some ways one of the few national icons who could unite most, if not all Pakistanis. Which means there is a keen interest in remembering him right. Unfortunately, the Pakistani media seems to have taken that to mean giving you every little bit of information about what is otherwise a deeply personal moment following the death of a man.

Twitter, as you might expect, had plenty to say.

This sort of disrespect is somewhat familiar to people across the border in India, where it seems like insensitivity is baked into the way TV reporters now operate. This became most apparent during the Nepal earthquake in 2014 when people in the disaster-hit nation became so disgusted by the way the Indian media was behaving that #GoHomeIndianMedia was trending.

So Indians responding to the ridiculous sight of a man reporting from inside Edhi's grave largely commiserated with fellow TV viewers from across the border.