A look back at the past 7 days.

Boobjectification: A few things Indian men really must learn about breasts

Lesson No. 1: Buying a bra comes with its own learning curve. Read more here.

Are the Sinhalese people descendants of Bengali and Odiya sea merchants?

A history of the Indian Ocean suggests as much, citing genetic studies as well as legends. Read more here.

The Narendra Jadhav interview: 'Caste system is the most brilliantly administered scam in history'

The Rajya Sabha MP, a prominent Dalit voice, is arguing for an end to the practice of using surnames. Read more here.

Beyond Harappa: Pakistanis struggle with the paradox of their Indian heritage

It is not just about Mohenjo-daro and Harappa. What about Allama Iqbal – or Bhagat Singh? Are they Indian or Pakistani? Read more here.

Chinese chequers: Why India needs to think through its policy on Gilgit-Baltistan and POK

Modi can't be faulted for raising the pitch as a tactical device to soften up Islamabad, but India would do well to remember the China factor in the equation. Read more here.