Prime Minister Narendra Modi turned 66 on Saturday, with the Bharatiya Janata Party celebrating the day as Sewa Diwas. Party workers have been asked to go out and do some service without drawing too much attention to themselves. Despite this no-publicity demand, Modi's fans in Gujarat can't help themselves when it comes to image-building, since they also intend to use his birthday to set four Guinness records, all aimed at helping the differently-abled.

For those who'd prefer to celebrate Modi's birthday a little more personally though, over the course of the prime minister's rise to the top of Indian politics, his stardom has acquired a substantial amount of paraphernalia – all of which would make for perfect gifts to your favourite Modi fan.

You could start with Bal Narendra. This illustrated anthology of 17 “real life” stories from Modi's childhood tells us how he once picked up a baby crocodile from a lake (and later returned it). The comic book is full of handy tips too.

If you'd like to go for an even younger audience, there's now an ideal gift that promises to have unexpected consequences. This soft figurine of Modi being sold on Snapdeal and Amazon, is sold with claims that it will “instill a love for wildlife and introduce your children to the world of animals.”

Once you're online though, there's plenty more to pick out from. This goodie bag being sold on Amazon is chock-full of election merchandise for every Modi fan – from the ubiquitous Modi mask to BJP badges that you can use in selfies, it's got everything.

Willing to spend a little more? Consider buying the NaMo phone, a "5-inch Full HD Narendra Modi Fan Smartphone." The device brings everything you might want to the table, including a front-facing selfie camera and presumably even has +918190 881908 on speed dial, making it easy to listen to Modi’s latest Mann Ki Baat radio program.

You can even pack the phone with more NaMo goodies, including multiple Narendra Modi games available on both Android and iOS.


These include Modi Run – which is sort of like the Temple Run, except you won’t be running inside hallowed temple ruins but on Delhi roads dodging autorickshaws and collecting lotuses, the Bharatiya Janata Party's election symbol. Another game allows you to experiment with Modi’s dressing – although it doesn't allow you to style the prime minister with a certain monogrammed suit.

If you would prefer something that is a little more in the home decor department, look no further than this excellent set of Modi throw pillows.

Modi is a prolific writer as well, which means book gifters have plenty of options. You can either gift a book of his poems on love, promises and prayers or his books, including 'Convenient Action,' an exploration on tactics to mitigate climate change.

No birthday is, of course, complete without a cake.

As a bonus gift, you could always introduce your favorite NaMo fan to this song by Pahlaj Nihalani, if they haven't yet heard it.