A look back at the past seven days.

Inside South Kashmir: Weeks after Burhan Wani's death, Anantnag remains protest country

A rare ground report from the region where the stone has become a symbol of resistance and the Hurriyat talks about freedom through Islam. Read more here.

The TM Krishna column: 'I'm upper-caste and I'm proud of it – and that's where the problem lies'

The 2016 Magsaysay award-winner talks about how caste is ingrained in societal mindsets, recognising which is integral to breaking out of its hierarchies. Read more here.

The mystery of the photograph that revealed a different side of MS Subbulakshmi

The iconic image of the Carnatic vocalist and Balasaraswati, in silk pyjamas and with cigarettes, reveals them as girls who just wanted to have fun. Read more here.

I am a gay Indian man and still lean to the Right. Here's why

Despite the sometimes blatant homophobia of the Right, my chief grouse with the Left is its economics. Read more here.

Vamana and Onam: The tale of Mahabali that began it all

Here's a peek into the myths that emerge from Vaishnavite texts into the Indian consciousness. Read more here.