Prison break

If the Madhya Pradesh police have publicly declared the death of eight undertials and suspected SIMI members in an encounter, it is for them to look into the veracity of the videos and the claim ("When did the killing of men whose guilt had not been proved become a matter of national pride?"). The cacophony of opposition parties over the encounter is premature and needs to be taken with as much pinch of salt as the police's claims. The inquiry committee will go into all the questions raised over the jail break and the supposed encounter, till which time, we do not need the cacophony from the media and the opposition. – Chandra Shekhar AK


To answer the question raised in your headline...ever since pseudo-seculars like the author of this article started peddling half truths on platforms like this news outlet. – Sri Kotti


This is the most biased reporting. Are you paid by ISI or China? – Govind Chanani


Shooting a man lying on the floor is not an encounter. If absconders are without arms, where is the question of a gun battle? The government’s claims are questionable. – Jai Narain


Even if, as you indicated, there have been numerous lapses in security and even if they were undertrials, you fail to mention and/ or notice the fact that they have killed a security personnel in cold blood.

Of course the events are fishy and there might be foulplay involved. But that does not give you the licence to portray people involved in a murder as innocent scapegoats. – Adhokshaja


Every right-minded Indian should be ashamed of killing of these men who had not even been proven guilty. We have to respect every citizen’s life, irrespective of their religion, caste or economic status. – S Parekh


These law-abiding SIMI terrorists stayed as state guests in a high-security establishment which relies on the taxpayers money – and you’re okay with that? These people should have been shot dead a long time back. Why is it not possible for the police version to be true? You feel no remorse for the police guard who lost his life. – Kumar


Are you saying that people of the country do not trust our judiciary and the entire system? I they were not guilty, why would they break out of jail? – Pulkit Kantawala


Terrorists, whether armed or unarmed, are highly dangerous. They do not think twice before killing someone and for them, everyone who does not follow their dictates is an enemy. Their only religion is annihilation. Only the likes of Digvijay Singh and Asaduddin Owaisi are crying themselves hoarse over the killing of the SIMI men. The men had to be eliminated and they have justifiably been eliminated. The Madhya Pradesh police deserve a salute. – Chandra Prakash

Border hostilities

No one thought that surgical strikes would bring down hostilities along the border (“Did the surgical strikes actually end up harming India's interests?”). Many experts had predicted that hostilities may go up to after the pride of Pakistani army and elite was hurt by India’s cross-border action.

In any case, strike or no strike, hostilities along line of control had continued as per whims of the Pakistani army and border personnel. Whenever they wanted to push in intruders, they would fire.

But the surgical strike was a way of saying that India can attack when it feels the time is right.

This has kept Pakistan's army and government on alert. They are provoking us to show that the Pakistan army is not inferior to its Indian counterpart. But we don’t know how many casualties the Pakistan is suffering in the process – as per Indian reports, it is massive.

However, India also cannot rest on its laurels. To prevent further loss of lives, we have to plug a lot of holes in our security and be much more vigilant. Only an internally strong India can face external threats. – Abhijit Ray

Times past

Arnab Goswami was the only one who could run Newshour (“Arnab Goswami announces resignation from Times Now: Reports”). Is there anyone who can take his place? I doubt it. I wish him all the best for his next step. – Shweta Burman


There were those who loved and those who absolutely disliked Arnab Goswami, but almost all would agree that he was an honest and independent anchor, unlike those of most other channels.

This news is definitely a disappointment. Thumbs down to Times Now. – Rajan Seshan


The launch of another channel by Arnab Goswami will add to the pollution of India’s air(waves). – P Vijayachandran


Keep it up, Arnab. The blessings of the almighty and true news people are with him. We wish him success in his new venture. – Harshad and Nisha

Going South

This piece on the situation in Tamil Nadu is wonderful (“What ails Tamil Nadu? Amid prayers for Jayalalithaa, no one has spared a thought for governance”). I believe that in Tamil Nadu, in due course of time, both the Dravidian parties will merge and probably Vaiko's MDMK will also come back to the parent party.

Two decades from now, there is every possibility that the Congress stages a comeback here, or the BJP establishes a foothold. – Rose Govindaraj

Civil and military

I don’t completely agree with the views expressed in this article (“Downgrading military officers: Does the army lose more in TV battles by retired Generals?”). The important point to think about is why successive governments allowed this to happen.

The armed forces are the most disciplined organisations in the country today. Despite this, ties between the civilian and military establishments are becoming murkier, and it is the responsibility of the political system to correct this at the earliest.

You cannot keep on downgrading the armed forces and expect them to bear it in silence. The government should not take this lightly. Such issues demoralise the forces. – KR Prasad

Poor show

Why is there a story on Bigg Boss on your website? Are you more into reality shows than reality itself? (“‘Bigg Boss’ 10 contestant Swami Omji needs to be nominated for eviction – now”)

Decoding the code

The writer is simply obfuscating the issue on the Uniform Civil Code (“For the BJP, the Uniform Civil Code is a dog-whistle to consolidate its vote bank”).

He is only helping those who are seeking to obscure the debate. People know on what matters such a uniform code is the need of the hour.

It is better if he responds to the law commission’s questionnaire rather than contributing to the anti-national articles that is bent upon publishing. – JR Krishnan

Skewed view

Sunanda K Dutta Ray’s is quite clearly the palace narrative (“Why this book on India’s annexation of Sikkim needs to be read today”). Andrew Duff is more balanced in his approach. As for India funding the monarchy in Sikkim, it would only be fair after all because as per the treaty, Sikkim was not allowed to import goods, conduct trade, or have foreign relations. What is also mentioned in the book is how much money Sikkim was losing on account of this. The aid India provided barely covered these losses and perpetuated Sikkim's poverty. – Vivan Eyben

Colonial controversies

This is by far the most hypocritical take on the Raj (“‘The hypocrisy in favour of colonialism needed to be dealt with’: Shashi Tharoor on his new book”). I specialise in this period and am amazed that the British gave back several times what they took out.

It is fashionable to trash colonialism and it is ironic that Shashi Thraoor, whose heart, mind, money and even children are in the West, is writing on this.

He is merely competing for space with Jon Wilson, whose book India Conquered is at least better written and far less dishonest. – Uday Balakrishnan


It's always great hearing Shashi Tharook speak and we expect his writing to also live up to the same standards. – T Thomas Oommen

Valley blaze

Most Kashmiris are busy doing anti-national activities and if they can’t save their schools from being set on fire, why should the army step in (“With 23 schools set on fire in three months, Kashmir faces a new challenge”)? Schools are meant for the education of Kashmiris, which they don't want. – Puran Adhlakha

Land control

The dilution of the land acquisition act by the Gujarat government is akin to the kind of decisions taken by British imperialists in India (“In Gujarat, opposition to the new land law leads to an unlikely alliance”). These lands are and have been held by farmers over centuries. This amendment is a great injustice to them. – Aspi Asundaria

Ties that bind

The heart may have its reasons but there are devastating consequences for the offspring of inter-religious unions (“My name is Khan: Inter-religious marriages still draw questions and incredulity in India”). This article's slant accentuates such a mindset.

I would not support such unions as they wreak havoc on the parents and the participants are also never comfortable in their life.

You may disagree but think again. – Sunil Bhalla


This is a heart-warming article by Radha Khan and I relate to so many of her experiences. May our tribe increase. – Pattu


I read this article with great interest because the writer’s grandparents were known to me. My father was in the police and this couple were family friends. Great read and all the best. – Talat Aziz