A look back at the last seven days.

In one stroke, demonetisation has shaken the trust our monetary system is based on

Even the long-term benefits of the move seem to be outweighed by the heavy costs and disruption it would cause, particularly for the lower income groups. Read more here.

NDTV ban: Did the Modi government unfairly single the channel out?

Similar coverage by other TV channels cannot be held as “mitigating grounds”, the government order said. Read more here.

‘I haven’t eaten all morning’: Chaos on the streets as Indians struggle to break Rs 500 notes

The poor were hit the hardest the day after India’s two biggest currency denominations were demonetized to fight black money. Read more here.

Here’s why Manohar Parrikar should pause before declaring his ‘personal view’ on nuclear policy

Indian defence minister’s remarks on no-first-use are, surely, enough to provoke serious thinking in Rawalpindi and Beijing. Read more here.

‘I’m ready, my lord’: Leonard Cohen found so many good ways to say goodbye

Death has haunted the Canadian balladeer’s songs from the start. Read more here.