The daily comic strip Calvin and Hobbes ended more than two decades back. Yet, so iconic were Bill Watterson’s stories about a temperamental six-year old boy and his stuffed tiger that they continue to be read widely today. So much so that IT consultant Krish Ashok decided to poke some gentle fun at India’s politics using the medium of Calvin and Hobbes.

His first strip was on – what else – demonetisation. “The idea itself came from someone on Twitter casually mentioning that these random rule changes are like calvinball,” explained Ashok. Like almost everything on the comic strip, Calvinball is a sport completely made up by Calvin. The rules of Calvinball keep on changing as the game progresses – an apt metaphor for demonetisation.

And then Ashok took one up on the Calvin-Susie dynamic.

Ashok was also inspired by a Reddit thread, which took Calvin and Hobbes strips and simply replaced Calvin’s face with Donald Trump’s. Given that Watterson once described Calvin as not having “much of a filter between his brain and his mouth” the “Donald and Hobbes” concept stuck a chord and became rather popular.

Apart from demonetisation, Ashok has also used the format to make fun of the Internet term “sickular” as well as aimed a quick kick at new media.