Let’s rewind the last seven days.

BJP claims UAE has seized Dawood’s property – but the source of the information remains unclear

The party cites media reports for the claim that can only be traced back to Zee, which in turn cited an unspecified report that remains a mystery. Read more here.

Modi ‘miscalculated the Indian ability for jugaad’: Statistician Pronab Sen on demonetisation fiasco

‘We knew dalals would come up,’ says the country director of the International Growth Centre. Read more here.

‘Dancing Girl’ as Parvati is just one of many bizarre claims in ICHR paper on Harappan civilisation

A reading of the essay shows that almost the entire piece is filled with wild conjectures to show that the Indus and Vedic civilisations were linked. Read more here.

Photos: Top 20 new species of animals and plants of 2016

Many of these new species are already on the brink of extinction, threatened by poaching, illegal wildlife trade, habitat destruction and diseases. read more here.

Bangalore molestation incident becomes a tragic case of ‘locals’ against ‘outsiders’

Long-term residents of the street on which the attack took place blame the general lack of safety on migrants from outside Karnataka. read more here.