Let’s rewind the last seven days.

Lohri legends: the tale of Abdullah Khan ‘Dullah’ Bhatti, the Punjabi who led a revolt against Akbar

The Punjabi festival of Lohri commemorates Dullah Bhatti for his act of defiance against the Mughal emperor. Read more here.

First Person: ‘I voted for Modi for change but not for hatred’

The author describes the price she has had to pay after her revelations in a recent book, ‘I am a troll’, about the BJP’s social media tactics. Read more here.

How AB Vajpayee was foiled in his bid to have Narendra Modi removed as Gujarat chief minister

Perhaps ironically, LK Advani may have helped Modi survive the attempted ouster. Read more here.

Could an Akhilesh-led SP-Congress alliance actually win in UP?

A look back at prior results, and Bihar, may offer some guidance. Read more here.

Killing the Bedbugs: A short story that has absolutely nothing to do with demonetisation

How a guest proposed a novel way to deal with bedbugs in a wooden house. Read more here.