Let’s rewind the last seven days.

Silently, the Supreme Court set off a chain of events that could torpedo Modi’s demonetisation

The apex court’s recent ruling tightening the rules on ordinances could have a repurcussion on the money move as well. Read more here.

With Chandrasekaran as chairman of Tata Sons, the job has just been downgraded

The actual pecking order will be chairman emeritus Ratan Tata, followed by Chandrasekaran. Read more here.

Interview: Arvind Kejriwal’s principal secretary on how he was hounded, humiliated and maligned

‘I can speak out,’ says Rajendra Kumar, ‘but there are millions who are framed out of vengeance, who are framed to fix them politically’. Read more here.

The TM Krishna column: I am uncomfortable with jallikattu but I am not a votary of bans

If this ban needs to be revoked, it has to be on the premise that all stakeholders will reframe the discourse. Read more here.

The real problem with Jaipur Lit Fest is not the participation of RSS ideologues – it’s the sponsor

It’s time for writers and intellectuals to be reminded about Zee’s recent campaigns against people they have branded ‘anti-national’. Read more here.