Let’s rewind the past seven days.

From Pakistan to Zee News: Why India’s Right loves the controversial Tarek Fatah

Fiery and given to wild conspiracy theories, Fatah, however, is disliked intensely by some Indian Muslims. Read more here.

Why we must all be wary of Arun Shourie when he attacks Narendra Modi next

The former BJP leader’s repeated attacks on the prime minister are a far cry from his defence of Modi before the 2014 elections. Read more here.

When a WWII African-American soldier lived among Naga head-hunters as the ‘Jungle King’

Herman Perry, on the run from the US army in the middle of WWII, married a 14-year-old, and hunted and smoked opium with the Nagas. Until he was executed. Read more here.

How to spot a lesbian in sacred Indian art

Is it our discomfort with homosexuality that makes us believe that it cannot be part of the sacred? Read more here.

The TM Krishna column: I am uncomfortable with jallikattu but I am not a votary of bans

If this ban needs to be revoked, it has to be on the premise that all stakeholders will reframe the discourse. Read more here.