Let’s rewind the past week.

It was not Lotus-Lotus: How misreporting led to a controversy over EVMs in Madhya Pradesh

One newspaper in Bhind reported that an electronic voting machine had registered only BJP votes even when different buttons were pushed, and this went all the way to the national media. When Scroll.in connected the dots, it turned out to be a case of misreporting. Read more here.

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Delhi government schools are turning away children who don’t have Aadhaar

Activists say the Aam Aadmi Party regime’s decision to make Aadhaar mandatory for admission to government schools in the Capital is a violation of the Right to Education Act and will exclude the children of migrants. Read more here.

The TM Krishna column: News flash, Tarun Vijay critics – we South Indians are racist too

Even in the case of the late Jayalalithaa, we have to accept that her fairness and upper-caste identity had a role to play in her wide appeal and universal acceptance. One would overhear followers discuss her skin and colour. Read more here.

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Goa’s temples are losing their distinctive local features, and the rise of Hindutva may be to blame

Temple architecture here marries western Baroque and Rococco with Deccan Sultanate and Bijapur Islamic. But a renovation drive that began in the late 1990s has given rise to structures that “do not reflect Goa’s ethos”, says the Goa Heritage Action Group. Read more here.

Far from Hindutva, Yogi Adityanath’s sect comes from a tradition that was neither Hindu nor Muslim

Gorakhpur’s Nath community defines itself as neither Hindu nor Muslim, but distinctly as Jogis, according to the Gorakhbani, the group’s most influential text. They profess a belief in one unseen god. Read more here.