A family of nomadic herders travelling with their animals was attacked in Reasi district of Jammu and Kashmir on Thursday night. Five people were injured, including an old man and a child, according to media reports. The police said the group had been assaulted by men who suspected the cattle were being taken for slaughter.

On Sunday night, a video was posted on social media, ostensibly depicting the attack. It shows two women begging for mercy as a mob tries to tear down the structure they had taken shelter in. The police stands by and is unable to control the mob. Click here to watch the video. [Facebook account required.]

The senior superintendent of police of Reasi, Tahir Bhat, told PTI that the nomads were travelling in two groups. One group that included women was taking the cows and calves, while the other group was travelling with sheep and goats. From the video, it appears it was the first group that came under attack, which took place around 9 pm near Talwara, according to media reports.

On Sunday, Bhat told PTI that 11 people had been arrested for assaulting the family of nomadic herders. “Four members of the family have also been booked for illegally transporting cows and calves,” he said. The nomads did not have the requisite permission to transport the cattle. The police officer said the 11 men who were arrested for the attack did not have a previous criminal background.

Scroll.in could not independently establish the provenance of the video and the identity of the person who shot it.