These days, Twitter can be a pretty constant barrage of negativity, hate and the occasional inside-joke meme that you don’t understand. As with everything else he does, US President Donald Trump has managed to fix this too – by posting a tweet that would, on any other account, be just a harmless typo. On Wednesday morning (Tuesday night in the US), Trump tweeted out what appeared to be yet another boilerplate denunciation of the media that he hates. Except he didn’t finish his thought. “Despite the constant negative press covfefe,” was what was posted, and was still up as of 11.15 am IST, with more than 50,000 retweets.

The obvious explanation might have been that Trump meant to type “coverage”, but messed up. What was less obvious was why the tweet was not immediately deleted and replaced with one that had both correct spelling and finished the thought.

And of course, this being Twitter, there was plenty more discussion of the subject.

Trump, who has in the past claimed that he “has all the good words,” isn’t in the Shashi Tharoor bracket, and yet some still went to make sure this wasn’t a farrago-style word that we didn’t know about before. A dictionary (or the person running its social media handle) took to Twitter to settle this.

Meanwhile, others found a way to fit covfefe into just about every Trump cliche there has been.

And others decided to take the US President’s example and boldly go forthwith the new covfefe lingo.