1. In the Indian Express, Pankaj Jha points to a history that lies outside cultural memory: that Rajputs also collaborated with the British.
  2. ‘Under what circumstances does a litigant’s claim in court translate into a claim that interests a judge?’ Suhrith Parthasarathy, writing in the Hindu, has some questions for the judiciary on the anniversary of the day India adopted its Constitution.
  3. Gopalkrishna Gandhi in Telegraph remembers a conference in Godhra, attended by Gandhi, Jinnah, Vallabhbhai Patel and Bal Gangadhar Tilak, exactly 100 years ago.
  4. In the Hindu BLInk, Garga Chatterjee writes that a legacy of closeness, enmity and mutual learning between Bengal and Odisha has been rendered laughable by the debate over rosogollas.
  5. The Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti and Congress’s reservation plan for patidars in Gujarat will face constitutional hurdles, argues Mohitkumar Daga in the Economic Times.
  6. In the forests of Kerala, a killer elephant is bringing old social fractures to the surface, writes Rahul Chandran in the Mint on Sunday.
  7. Brexit could push Britain towards war in Ireland again, Patrick Cockburn muses in the Independent.
  8. The “iron fist” response to attacks in Egypt never works, says Simon Tisdall in the Guardian.
  9. In the New York Review of Books, Diane Ravitch reviews two books which explore why big money still rules in America.
  10. December could make or break the Trump presidency, warns Ryan Lizza in the New Yorker.