Weekend Reads

  1. “In terms of creative expression in general, be it a novel or cinema or a painting, there must be space for it. You can of course start discussions on the matter, but no form of artistic creation should be stopped or banned,” Perumal Murugan, the celebrated author, is interviewed in the Indian Express.
  2. You cannot make citizens safer by making them more vulnerable, write Nikhil Pahwa and Anand V in the Economic Times, saying that Aadhaar is claiming to do just that.
  3. Karthik Venkatesh in Mint tells the story of Dakhani, a unique mix of Urdu and South Indian languages that has had to battle northern disdain and state linguistic reorganisation while continuing to remain relevant.
  4. Mary Kom led the way for Indian boxing, despite administrative infighting and bureaucratic malaise. But now, Shamya Dasgupta says in Blink that the federation has a new leader and the new crop of boxers is excited for what comes next.
  5. KV Aditya Bharadwaj in the Hindu writes about Bharatavani, an online platform that is collecting material from dozens of Indian languages and making it easier for people to access them.
  6. “Since December 1992, pillars for a temple are being quietly chiselled, while the RSS has been carving out the structure of a Hindu India – brick by brick,” writes Pralay Kanungo in Outlook.
  7. Leena Gita Raghunath in the Caravan tells us how Malayalam cinema’s only female superstar got back to work.
  8. In California Sunday, Elizabeth Weil wrote an essay about what it is like to raise a teenage daughter. Then her daughter, Hannah H Duane annotated the piece.
  9. Hannah Beech in the New York Times tells the story of how the Myanmar state is systematically eradicating the Rohingyas’ past.
  10. In the Washington Post, Robert Costa, Carol D. Leonnig and Josh Dawsey give us a look inside the investigation that has kept US President Donald Trump’s White House on tenterhooks.

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