The Water

Johnny Flynn and Laura Marling


This duet from Johnny Flynn’s 2010 sophomore album Been Listening has a timeless permanence, owing both to the mature poetry of its lyrics and the twining of Johnny Flynn and Laura Marling’s vocals, which support each other, also stay distinct.

For me, the lyrics, somewhat morbid, represent an awareness of the times we live in, and possibly the times to come:

“Lord, take me away
For I just cannot stay
Or I’ll sink in my skin and my bones”

Its lyricism and melody, however, pushes the track into a territory of cautious hopefulness. – Astha Rawat

New Soul

Yael Naim


I found myself playing Israeli-French singer-songwriter Yael Naim’s New Soul on a loop quite a few times this year. Besides making for easy listening, the song’s lyrics have a calming effect. Its lilting melody is the perfect background for poetry that speaks of one’s vulnerability while trying to make space for oneself in the world.

For me, this track boils down to what each of us are called upon to do every day – figure out our way in the world. – Tonella Francisca Coutinho