Composed by Pritam, sung by Arijit Singh


This is a song not just for the New Year but for all new beginnings for me. That sometimes means any random morning of any day of the week. The energy in the beat and the positivity it pumps in fills me with hope. This song also comes in many forms. Sometimes I want to shut my eyes and listen to it, sometimes I want to dance to it at a loud party and it works great during a long drive too.

For me, it’s perfect for all situations and seasons.

Kya Khayaal Hai

Zeb & Haniya and Swanand Kirkire & Shantanu Moitra


In the New Year, how about learning to laugh for no reason, living in the moment and decorating our lives with the sun, moon and stars? This simple, melodious, hugely meaningful song by Pakistan-based pop duo Zeb and Haniya and India’s Swanand Kirkire and Shantanu Moitra will add just the right amount of simplicity and love to start the year with.