Nila Kaikiradhu

Composed by AR Rahman, performed by Harini


Nila Kaikiradhu from Tamil movie Indira (1995) is an ode to the beauty of life and nature. It talks about how, being preoccupied with our busy lives, we ignore the beauty of nature.

There are two versions of the song composed by AR Rahman: one by the female singer Harini and another by the male singer Hariharan.

I prefer Harini’s rendition, which in the film is sung by a girl to the moon.

The moon is out and shining;
Night time is fading
Nobody is enjoying it
But, my eyes alone will see you

The pallavi (or refrain), sung in a high octave, leaves me with goosebumps each time I listen to it. This stanza talks about how the wind will blow, the sun will shine, and there will be nothing that will change in this.

It’s perfect for New Year’s Day, reminding us that life is a gift.