I Hope You Dance

Lee Ann Womack


To me, the song represents the first step to lift oneself and leave the past behind – with joy and hope. It’s a song that relaxes and brings positivity, and if one needs, it can also work as a deeply reflective song.

This is a song of leadership: it says that you are in control of yourself and no one else is, that you have the power to make things different. This is a song of determination, of hope, and of fantasies. This song inspires you to leave your comfort zone and realise your dreams.

It is a great song to pump you up when you’re low, and motivate you to move even further when you’re already pumped up. No better way to think of a new year and a new beginning. – Tanay Sukumar


Pearl Jam


Black is about letting go. It is about how all relationships eventually lose their hold on someone. Not all things last, one doesn’t know where life will take you next.

This ballad helps when I need to reflect on what has been and look forward to what can be. It’s ideal for coffee and contemplation. – Kushal Phatarpekar