1. In The Hindu, Suhasini Haidar argues that India must refresh its overseas China policy and its domestic engagement with the Tibetan community. The Dalai Lama, the spiritual head of the community, will the complete 60 years in exile in India next March.
  2. Comparing the burka, a symbol of a besieged minority, with the trishul, a symbol of aggressive majoritarianism, is callous and insensitive, writes Irena Akbar in Indian Express. 
  3.   Corporate job growth has recovered over the past couple of years but the pace of job creation remains lacklustre, find Tadit Kundu and Pramit Bhattacharya in this data analysis for Mint. 
  4. Jonathan Freedland in the Guardian says the internet, a space primarily owned by users, has been hijacked by big corporations. The Cambridge Analytica controversy could help reverse this unhealthy trend. 
  5. In this interview to Catalyst, historian Stephanie Coontz argues that gender politics needs to be integrated into a larger progressive political vision. 
  6. In the context of rising school violence in the United States, 15 school shooting survivours write about their experiences in Vice and the need for gun control. 
  7. Lindsay Gellman in Longreads reports on how clinics in Germany have exploited cancer patients and their desperate hope for survival. 
  8. Jason Fagone in the San Francisco Chronicle narrates the story of a team from Silicon Valley that helped rebuild physicist Stephen Hawking’s distinctive robotic voice. 
  9. African-Americans know what it feels like to be ignored by those in power. Thanks to Donald Trump, the rest of America is getting a taste of this apathy now, writes Erin Aubry Kaplan in the New York Times. 
  10. In this interview to Fountain Ink, historian Vasundhara Filliozat  comments on distortions of history, and how the Karnataka empire ruled over most of South India and fought Muslim invasions.