1. In the Hindu, Pulapre Balakrishnan argues that economic reforms without agricultural growth has meant little reduction in urban poverty.
  2. Sankarshan Thakur introduces the idea of NotAboutery in the Telegraph.
  3. Abhijit Iyer-Mitra, writing in the Economic Times, reflects on the possibilities of Indo-European partnerships after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Europe last week.
  4. The old rift between South and North India is out in the open with the debate over the Finance Commission, writes A Srinivas in the Hindu BLInk.
  5. In the Indian Express, Soli Sorabjee on what drove the members of the Constituentt Assembly while drafting the Constitution.
  6. In Britain, a justice system that once looked out for everyone is skewed towards the rich, writes Nick Cohen in the Guardian.
  7. Will United States President Donald Trump talk to North Korean leader Kim Jong un, asks Jessica T Mathews in the New York Review of Books.
  8. This Hindu editorial parses the Bharatiya Janata Party’s response to the outrage over the Kathua rape and murder.
  9. Also in the Indian Express, Deeptiman Tiwary and Arun Sharma tell the tale of two thanas, one in Kathua and the other in Unnao.
  10. In the Independent, Patrick Cockburn on why we should be sceptical of those who claim to know what is happening on the ground in Syria.