1. In the Indian Express, Meghnad Desai writes that with #MeToo, we are in a much more intense phase of a social revolution sweeping India.
  2. Wesley Yang, writing in Esquire about “onetime neocon thinker” Francis Fukuyama, observes that as 2018 draws to a close, tyranny is on the rise and the post-war global order on the verge of cracking up. Is this the dawn of a frightening new era?
  3. In the Hindu, CR Gharekhan writes on the killing of journalist Saudi Arabian Jamal Khashoggi and speaks of the need for other countries to take a principled stand against the state, even if foreign policy is primarily dictated by national interest.
  4. The #MeToo movement has challenged the notion that only men’s careers and reputations matter, observes Saundarya Rajesh in the Telegraph.
  5. In Hindu BLInk, Rihan Najib looks at the #MeToo revolution and the prickly questions it raises.
  6. In LiveMint, Anirudh Tagat has a game theory take on sexual harassment.
  7. Ramachandra Guha writes in the Hindustan Times of the many voices that have warned against the destruction of the Himalayas, from Mira Behn to GD Agrawal.
  8. In the Guardian, Simon Tisdall points to a glaring truth: no one is convinced by Saudi Arabia’s explanation that dissenting journalist Jamal Khashoggi died in a fistfight after he stepped into the Saudi embassy in Istanbul.
  9. Pankaj Mishra writes of a Gandhi for a post-truth age in the New Yorker.
  10. Christopher Tayler reads Milkman, Anna Burns’s Man Booker winning novel about the Troubles in Ireland, for the London Review of Books.