India is among the top three countries getting the most bang-for-their buck on Amazon’s Prime Video service.

Each video on the online streaming platform is cheaper in India than most other countries, according to a recent study. The United States and United Kingdom top the rankings.

To compare the value for money for each title being streamed on Prime Video, UK-based consumer technology review firm Comparitech established the number of series and movies available in 28 countries and divided the total library size by the monthly subscription cost.

Besides, at just $1.76 per month, the subscription charges for Amazon Prime Video in India is the cheapest in the world. Japan was next at $3.57.

At nearly $13 a month, it is most expensive in the US, the home country of the Seattle-based behemoth.

“While you can get cheaper subscriptions in the likes of India and Japan, you will get a much smaller library size as well,” Comparitech noted.

Overall, the catalogue in India is not too impressive, with just over 2,000 movies.

This article first appeared on Quartz.