1. In the Indian Express, Meghnad Desai on a divided Sri Lanka.
  2. India must remain engaged in the multiple processes for reconciliation in Afghanistan, urges Rakesh Sood in the Hindu.
  3. Devdutt Pattnaik, writing in the Economic Times, points to a case of #MeToo in the Mahabharat.
  4. Bollywood actors have played a role in national politics, though with varying effects, writes Rasheed Kidwai in the Hindu BLInk.
  5. In America, all major media houses, even those with rightwing leanings, stood in solidarity with CNN’s fight for basic access to the White House. It is a far cry from the politically divided media in India, writes Barkha Dutt in the Hindustan Times.
  6. In Britain, the right would rather drive the country to destruction than compromise on Brexit, writes Nick Cohen in the Guardian.
  7. Predicting future wars has always been a tricky business, concludes Christopher Clark in a review for the New York Review of Books.
  8. In the Atlantic, Kathy Gilsinan on the radical evolution of WikiLeaks.
  9. The trolls of Hindutva have limited intellects and enormous chips on their shoulder, so it should come as no surprise that they would want to ban the “anti-Indian” music of TM Krishna, Tavleen Singh points out in the Indian Express.
  10. Also in the Economic Times, Indulekha Aravind delves into why Sabarimala is becoming a big issue for all parties in Kerala.