Computer-generated imagery has been put to good use in movies for various things, but to create dinosaurs dancing on a beach to a Bengali song? Now that’s a first.

In the video below, two brachiosauruses are trundling sedately on the sand when a woman walks up to them and asks: “Hello my friend, how are you?” Suddenly, all hell breaks loose and song-and-dance begin. “Hello, hello dinosaur, how are you sir?” go the lyrics.

A group of young men and women, decked in over-the-top costumes and 80s-style hairdos, join the fun. Soon, a pair of dilophosauruses begin prancing on the beach, their frills bouncing along. At one point, a woman dances on the back of a brachiosaurus, standing at an impossible-to-fathom angle.

In the midst of this melee, a couple of T-Rexes beat a hasty retreat from the beach. But the icing on the cake are the lyrics, which translate to: Let’s take the dinosaurs to Bangladesh.