Aside from the fact that googling “idiot” brought up images of the United States president (and earned Sundar Pichai a visit to the US Senate to answer questions about “the little man tweaking search results”), searching for “Donald Trump memes” never disappointed on a winter day for laughs.

Be it a video of the president climbing aboard his Air Force One plane, with the avant garde accessory of le toilet paper stuck to his fine shoe, or the very British crowdfunded Trump Baby balloon that welcomed him to the United Kingdom in July, or these hilarious memes of Trump as the queen (complete with rogue, tiara, staff) –the “world’s most powerful man” had a meme-orable year in 2018.

But our blonde-haired friendly autocrat’s moment of crowning glory came at the United Nations General Assembly meeting when delegates from around the world literally laughed at him when, speaking about the completion of two years in office, he boasted, “My administration has accomplished more than almost any other administration of this country.

A truly befuddled, almost clueless Trump confessed he hadn’t expected that reaction. In response to which the laughs just got stronger.


Meanwhile, a “hot calendar” of President Vladimir Putin of Russia sitting on a bear, petting a cub, and walking out of what seems to be a steam bath is reportedly flying off the shelves in Japan.

Behold, the heads of state of our world’s superpowers.