At 8.30 am on Republic Day 2014, published its first article. “Ambedkar dreaming: Constitution’s architect talks of his hopes for new India,” said the headline. In the constantly mutating world of the internet, we weren’t quite sure what shape our publication would assume. But we set ourselves an expansive goal: to cover “the news that matters and the things that make life worth living”.

In those early days, months away from a crucial national election, our small team of reporters travelled the length and breadth of the country to bring you dispatches that foregrounded the concerns of ordinary Indians – voices that were being drowned in the sound and fury of the political campaign.

Five years and approximately 121,664 pieces later, just over ten million readers every month affirm that we are their trusted news source. Many of them are subscribers who help support our award-winning journalism.

As our team has grown, so has the number of sections on Each weekday dawns with Your Morning Fix, a news show produced by our Video team. “The Latest” provides updates on the news as it breaks. “The Field” proves that India is interested in sporting action beyond the cricket pitch. “The Reel” reflects the fact that India is home to many more film genres than just Bollywood. “Magazine” brings you stories about art and food, quirks of history and eccentric tales. “Books and Ideas” has a sharp focus on the literary world, with reviews and trend pieces. “Pulse” reports on the state of India’s health.

The Modi Years project

On our fifth anniversary, we are again months away from the national election. Before the storm of sloganeering begins, we want reflect on the five years that have gone by.

What have these years been like for the Indian republic? How has the Narendra Modi government fared in improving the lives of Indians?

For those seeking facts over opinion, we have put together a series of informationally rich and rigorously researched articles on The Modi Years. The project revisits the key milestones and initiatives of the Modi government and examines their impact on our national life. Read a sample of the project here.

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