Weekend reads

  1. For pieces that look at the new government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and what the future holds in store for India, read the Daily Fix from last week where we gave you 10 reads on the subject.
  2. Much of the discussion following the results has been on whether the “liberal elite” do not understand India. Rajshree Chanda in Mint refutes this contention: “If there was a critique of the Congress regime, it was produced not by the Right, which never had the intellectual bandwidth for it, but by liberals and Left scholars and journalists. There was no social media back then. Perhaps that is why it didn’t reach you.”
  3. Nikhil Pahwa in Medianama puts together a report on the future of internet policy in India, particularly taking into consideration various key elements that were highlighted by this government in its previous avatar.
  4. Serious discrepancies have been found between the number of votes polled and the number of votes counted in a number of constituencies, found Poonam Agarwal in the Quint. So far there has been no explanation for this.
  5. Archana Nathan in the Hindu reports on the Akshaya Patra Foundation’s unwillingness to include onion or garlic in school midday meals in Karnataka, leaving school children unhappy.
  6. In Gujarat, officials didn’t just ban the videogame PUBG, which has been accused of making children violent and keeping them addicted. Police even arrested people for playing. Pranav Dixit in Buzzfeed tracks those people down.
  7. M Ilyas Khan of the BBC speaks to some of the thousands of civilians who have been affected by Pakistan’s “war on terror”, including many who claim to have been subject to human rights abuses.
  8. A New York Times reporting team draws out the mistakes that went into Boeing’s manufacture of the 737 Max aircraft that eventually led to two plane crashes.
  9. Soutik Biswas in the BBC tells the story of how Britain tried to “erase” India’s third gender.
  10. Afghan cricketer Rashid Khan survived war and displacement to become a world-class sportsperson. Siddharth Monga tells his story in Cricket Monthly.