A video of a woman brutally thrashing a little girl is being widely shared on social media. In the video, the woman can be seen holding the girl by her hair and beating her with what seems like a slipper.

Columnist and author Tarek Fatah tweeted the video with the claim that the incident took place in Pakistan and that such kind of “severe beating” is normal among Punjabi families.

“Cruel Pakistani mother inflicts severe beating on her daughter,” he wrote. “This is the fate of countless children in a practice seen as normative among most Punjabi families.”

Alt News has not embedded the video in this report owing to its disturbing nature.

The video has been making rounds on social media the past few days, with several users demanding strict action to be taken against the woman. It has been circulating in the Pakistani social media ecosystem as well, gaining thousands of views.

A user named Sania Abbasi posted the video on November 13.

A few social media users also shared the video with claims suggesting it to be from India. Journalist Aadesh Rawal tweeted the video asking Delhi police to take cognisance of the matter.

It is being shared by many users on Facebook who are asking for the clip to be widely circulated so that the woman can be identified and caught.

Source of clip

Alt News found that the video is from Kathua district in Jammu & Kashmir. We came across a tweet by local journalist Ashish Kohli who said that the video is from Kathua’s Nagri area.

JK Media, a news organisation based out of Jammu & Kashmir, reported that an investigation had confirmed that the video was Nagri. The woman was beating her five-year-old daughter. According to the report, the police had summoned the parents of the child.

The Jammu and Kashmir police have said that the woman in the video was beating her daughter while the father was secretly shooting the video. A complaint has been lodged by the Child Welfare Committee. While the police are investigating the matter further, a family dispute could have angered the woman. The parents have been detained.

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