1. As meat dishes are removed from the Harappan menu at the National Museum, Tony Joseph points out an old discomfort between the country’s ruling elite and its oldest civilisation in this article in the Indian Express.
  2. In the Hindu, Satish Deshpande points to troubling parallels between the dismantling of democracy in Turkey and the situation in India.
  3. In the Hindustan Times, Barkha Dutt sums up why jailing Kashmir’s leaders is wrong, undemocratic and unwise.
  4. The coming year may be a period of consolidation, rather than acceleration, for the Indian economy, writes Madan Sabnavis in the Economic Times.
  5. In the South China Morning Post, columnist Wang Xiangwei writes the coronavirus outbreak is no Chernobyl but should be a wake-up call for China’s top-down autocratic rule.
  6. Myth meets counter-myth as the ruling dispensation tries to quell the citizenship protests at Shaheen Bagh, writes Shiv Viswanathan in the Telegraph.
  7. Also in the Indian Express, Paul Divakar N, Beena Pallikal and Adikanda Singh argue for the right of communities, especially Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, to plan for their resources.
  8. In the New Yorker, Hua Hsu on the search for new words to make us care about the climate crisis.
  9. Also in the Hindu, Vinod Thomas on how Indian states should gear up for the next big viral outbreak.
  10. W Bradford Wilcox and Hal Boyd argue in the Atlantic that rumours of the nuclear family’s demise have been greatly exaggerated.