1. The Covid-19 lockdown is not the only lockdown Kashmir has to deal with, writes Pratap Bhanu Mehta in the Indian Express.
  2. Labour laws are constitutional goals and cannot be struck down using the pandemic as an excuse, write Anna Mathew and R Vaigai in the Hindu.
  3. In the Business Standard, TN Ninan warns of a bigger economic disaster than previously expected from Covid-19.
  4. In the Hindustan Times, Pawan Kumar Bansal points to an important realisation brought about by the Covid-19 lockdown: labour is more important than capital.
  5. Dixita Deka examines how the private lives of women intersected with the public sphere during the armed conflict in Assam in this article for the Telegraph.
  6. Also in the Telegraph, Ruchir Joshi on the politics of alcohol during the Covid-19 lockdown.
  7. The world’s tyrants and strongmen, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, are having a field day during the pandemic, writes Jonathan Freedland in the Guardian.
  8. In the New Yorker, Jane Brox on the riddle of solitude in the age of coronavirus.
  9. Could this be the moment Taiwan emerges from China’s shadow, asks Timothy McLaughlin in the Atlantic.
  10. In the Slate, John Keating examines Israel’s bid to assert sovereignty over territory in the West Bank.