1. Amicable relations with Pakistan may seem remote but worth striving for. Rajmohan Gandhi explains why in the Indian Express.
  2. While decennial Census operations are constrained, India needs to find new ways to count its human capital and potential.
  3. In LiveMint Lounge, Salil Tripathi explains why Bloomsbury India’s decision not to publish a book on the Delhi violence is not a ban.
  4. In the Business Standard, TN Ninan explains how to view the population changes likely to be reflected in the next Census and how to respond to them.
  5. What enables the politics of belief, which has replaced a politics where government is held accountable for its actions, in India? Pratap Bhanu Mehta explores the question in the Indian Express.
  6. Jean Dreze, in this article for the Scientific American, explains how India is in denial about its Covid-19 crisis.
  7. In the Atlantic, George Packer warns that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s response to police violence against black citizens could make or break his chances in the United States elections later this year.
  8. The pandemic shows how easily catastrophe can befall our species, writes Raghu Karnad in the Guardian.
  9. For the New Yorker, Gideon Lewis-Kraus writes a profile of Jonathan Rothberg, the scientist racing to devise a simple home test for Covid-19.
  10. A New York Times interactive feature takes writer Suketu Mehta for a walk through his old neighbourhood of New York’s Jackson Heights – home of a large group of South Asian immigrants but also to settlers belonging to scores of nations.