The Centre was successful in carrying out the abrogation of Article 370 and the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, but with the farm laws, the situation is totally different for the government (Whichever way you look at it, Modi’s handling of the farm laws has been a complete mess). The current issue deals with the farmers whose tales of miseries have touched every Indian heart. Hence the government’s strategies did not yield dividends. The farmers too have to get down one step and accept the suspension of bills for a two-year period, an ample time creating enough scope for both the sides to revisit their respective stands. This stalemate must be put to an end and no further loss to India’s ailing economy must be incurred. –Ramana Gove


In my view, your report is fully biased (Whichever way you look at it, Modi’s handling of the farm laws has been a complete mess). Ignoring the Red Fort incident exposes the bias and contempt of the Parliament. The few farmers taking part in protests do not represent the entire nation, but the Parliament does. Deeply disappointed that this website projects such half researched articles as the head article. –Bhagyesh Jha


Needless to say that Rakesh Tikait’s tears and his sincere concern for his farmers have reignited the movement against the farm laws. As the farmers’ movement again seems to be gaining steam despite oppressive tactics by authorities, the heartening message which is resonating from amongst farmers is that of communal harmony. All the right-thinking people of Indian civil society should make this voice of oneness more coherent and let it echo from all quarters and all platforms available to us. I feel, there is an urgent need to wage a decisive fight against the divisive forces, which are trying to ruin the integrity of India. Had the farmers’ leadership warned in time the youth against the separatists’ voices, perhaps they would not have had this grievous setback. –Lalita Jagmohan Singh

Kunal Kamra’s response

Comedian Kunal Kamra’s response to Supreme Court’s contempt notice is scintillating (Full text: ‘Jokes not reality, don’t claim to be so,’ says Kunal Kamra in reply to contempt notice). He stands high on the pedestal. It will be gracious for the court to accept his response and drop the proceedings. I hope the apex court will be proud of itself by dropping the contempt notice. –Masilamani

Annihilation through politeness

Your article or analysis of the “Congress family” is very well expressed (‘Annihilation through politeness’: Why Rahul Gandhi’s TV interview with Arnab Goswami went belly-up). It may be 90% an arrow on the mark. Which still leaves the 10% benefit of doubt that we can give them. Because till date the only major Opposition to any ruling party is still the Congress. The others have been only mere mentions in the wind with no clarity of political agenda or missions nor visions. I still do not know why we should give Arnab so much importance. –Allen Kotian

The good old days

Simply loved this piece (A centuries-old kebab tells the story of the richness of Lucknow’s Awadhi food). I had visited Naushijaan way back in 1999 when I worked as a franchise manager for a greeting card firm. The place was so basic, just a street corner with few tables. At first, I was sceptical. But once I started poking at the spread on the table, I witnessed the magic. After all these years this is the first time I have come across a bit on Naushijaan. Thanks for taking me back in time to the good old days. –Claudius

Listen to the shepherds

Listen to the shepherds (In western Himalayas, tree-planting programmes threaten the livelihoods of pastoralists). In Sweden, the authorities did not listen to the local farmers/woodland users while introducing reforestation programmes, which resulted in disastrous woodfires. Do not follow us. –Nils L, Sweden