Street vibrations from emcees and DJ’s, baggy pants and Kangol caps, break-dancers and boomboxes — hip hop was never just about the music. Born in the neighbourhoods of the disenfranchised, hip hop gave the streets a life and style that people identify with all over the world. From the Bronx in the 80’s all the way to Mumbai today, street culture is thriving.

The presence of a hyperlocal street culture in the gullies of Mumbai is palpable. Homegrown hip hop artists have caught the public’s attention not just with their vocal stylings, but with their unique, expressive and trend-setting streetwear swag.

The rebellion of rappers, the moves of break dancers, the groove of DJ’s and the craft of Graffiti writers translate into the outfits they put together — breaking every fashion rule there is to stand out in the bustling streets of the city. Originality and authenticity are key for people who wear their hustle on their sleeves.

This fiercely individualistic fashion sub-culture has been brewing in Mumbai’s street since the 2000’s. Pioneers of this culture along with the more recent artists have added their own brand of funk and soul into the mix.

No longer underground or undiscovered, street artists have entered the mainstream, donning style as loud and bold as their music. To celebrate the country’s pulsating street culture, Myntra has launched a wide-ranging campaign — Straight Outta Streets (SOS) — digging deep into this fashion phenomenon.

The campaign features the life-stylings of popular street artists like the 7 Bantaiz, Flying Machine a.k.a B-Boy Arif and Melroy Williams, a graffiti writer. Watch Myntra (SOS) uncover the style code behind Mumbai’s popular pin codes:


Myntra SOS reveals how fashioning street style goes beyond clothing and accessories. You can’t be 100% street until you speak street. For anyone looking to up their street cred, getting the right street slang is a great start:


Recognising the growing appeal of street wear, Myntra SOS decodes celebrity looks for some style inspiration. The campaign is also bringing back street style staples like fanny packs and chunky sneakers to help you get your street look on point. To explore Myntra’s Straight Outta Street fashion, click here.

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