In its first season, Eco India, a solutions-focused web series highlighting innovative eco initiatives, brought to light inspiring stories of eco warriors from all over the country. The 20-episode series featured everyday heroes tackling a wide range of issues — from water conservation and eco-friendly agricultural practices to waste management and more. These eco heroes came from all walks of life — environmental activists, organisations and regular citizens.

With its Doing Your Bit contest, Eco India cast the net wider by crowdsourcing stories of eco warriors. The winners received cash support and an opportunity to connect their initiatives with a larger audience. It further deepened its community engagement with the Eco India Facebook group — a space for like-minded people to discuss eco-centric issues. To join the Facebook group, click here.

The first season of Eco India went beyond just spotlighting inspiring stories of eco heroes. It galvanised people online and offline to think about and be a part of the greater conversation on environmental sustainability. It’s impact further led to the creation of Season 2, which continues to highlight innovative eco solutions emerging from different communities of India. It brings stories of Batik textile weaving in Kutch, oyster farming in Sindhudurg, farm-to-consumer supply chain in Maharashtra and many more.


Doodlage - the fashion brand that believes in ‘no new clothes’

The first episode features a designer label in Delhi which aims to provide a more eco-friendly alternative to fast fashion. Doodlage upcycles scraps of waste cloth into chic garments. Watch their philosophy below:


Herbivore Farms - organic farming in the heart of Mumbai

The second episode features a vertical-farming startup cultivating organic, healthy greens in space-crunched Mumbai. Watch the journey of Herbivore Farms in the video below:


Season 2 of Eco India will also feature the winning entries of Doing Your Bit, tackling income generation for waste pickers, zero-waste fashion and responsible tourism. For new episodes, tune into channels on YouTube and Hotstar every Saturday. You can also visit the Eco India website here.