A lot changes in the journey to becoming a grown-up. Some changes are inevitable — school uniforms to formal wear, steaming hot breakfast to breakfast bars on the go, last-minute homework to last-minute presentations etc. — while others take place without us really realising. As we become more responsible and discerning, our tastes also evolve with us. Have you ever paused and looked at how this phenomenon has played out in your life?

From posters of favourite bands to paintings by favourite artists

Your bedroom walls have always been a record of you growing up. While earlier the posters you taped up declared your love for then-famous celebrities and pop stars, now your walls greet your guests with thoughtfully picked out art frames. They mark an interesting shift, from peer influence to greater self-awareness. Your choice in art reflects not just your taste, but also your beliefs, philosophies and inspirations. You’ve expanded your horizons and how.

From a glass of milk to a spot of milk in coffee

Remember how you once scrunched up your nose as you gulped down your glass of milk every evening? Admit it, now as you slowly sip on your morning cup of coffee with just a dash of milk, or none at all, it feels good to leave those days behind, doesn’t it? Stressful meetings, café hangouts, reading hours or sleepy mornings…you can count on coffee to be with you through it all.

From milk chocolate to bitter dark chocolate

As children, we loved the sweetness of milk chocolates, but as adults, we relish its bitter richness. But now with Cadbury Dark Milk, you can have the best of both worlds — the creaminess of the milk chocolate you loved as a child, and the richness of dark chocolate you grew to appreciate as an adult. In fact, it is the richest creamy chocolate Cadbury has ever made. Whichever camp you may firmly be devoted to — milk chocolate or dark chocolate — Dark Milk will give you a soft nudge to venture not too far from your comfort zone. Think of it as a chocolate that has evolved to keep up with your taste. To relish the grown-up taste of Cadbury Dark Milk, click here.


From jungle gyms to fitness gyms

There was a time when the word gym meant endless fun with friends hanging upside down till the school bell rang. Now, it refers to a period of intense activity in which you sweat, exert and defy your physical limits. May be your body sounded an alarm after all those years of sedentary lifestyle and hunching in front of the computer, or maybe you seek that post-workout endorphin rush. Whatever be your reason for hitting the gym, pat yourself on the back for this one.

From milkshakes to smoothies

The one time you didn’t object to milk was when it was presented to you as milkshake, sufficiently suppressed by sugar and flavour. As you grew up, health demands took over, so you moved to smoothies. Umpteen recipes later, you’ve developed a taste for them too. You may convince yourself that your sense of discipline brought you here, but biology may have made the transition easier. Children crave sweet junk food as evolution ensured they are hardwired to seek the most energy efficient foods. As a grown-up, complex flavours, and health wisdom, generally feel more welcome. Plus, in the case of smoothies the combinations — green, strawberry, berries, oats etc. — are endless, and the guilt minimal.

From colas to cold-pressed juices

Colas have been with you through all occasions, from birthday parties and sleepovers to celebrations big and small. At some point you wizened up and made not only a healthy leap, but also sought out the maximum nutrition. Your preference for cold-pressed juices shows that if nothing else, you’re doing at least one thing right as an adult — reading nutrition labels. This transition didn’t come easy, so kudos for learning to prioritise your needs over your wants.

Indeed, the transition to adulthood is paved with changes, some of which are not in our control. It’s good to know that with some things, like Cadbury Dark Milk, we don’t have to choose between the sweetness of childhood and the flavour of being a grown-up.

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