While the west is just now waking up to re-purposing and frugality, Indians have been living with these buzzwords for decades. In India, the instinct of frugality gets passed down generations as reliably as the risk of heart disease. You just have to take a peek into any household to see why. Some sights can be found everywhere – the TV remote that is still wrapped in its plastic cover, an expensive crockery set that is reserved for special occasions, the sofa that has a cover firmly laid on it at all times. These are just some ways Indians have extended the shelf-life of their belongings.

Our thriftiness is nothing if not creative, designed to squeeze the maximum value out of every possible purchase. Combining leftover soap pieces to make a new bar, adding water to liquids — be they ketchup or shampoo — using old vests or jeans as dusting cloths or even reusing wrapping paper from carefully opened gifts are some budget-hacking tricks that Indian household can boast of.

And these tricks have served Indians well through all the economic downturns and periods of inflation.

This famed Indian frugality is set to be celebrated at the Sabse Saste 5 Din shopping festival by Big Bazaar. Now in its 14th year, the mega event by Big Bazaar is once again bringing exciting offers to budget shoppers. It was flagged off with an eight-hour Facebook Live event where television actors Ali Asgar, Jannat Zubair Rahmani, Jasmin Bhasin, Priyank Sharma and Gaurav Dubey entertained Big Bazaar followers while revealing exclusive offers and bumper prizes.

The Sabse Saste 5 Din sale — to be held from 22nd January to 26th January 2020 — has something for everyone, from the rookie budgeters to the savviest budget hackers. There are discounts, mega deals and combo offers to be found across categories such as food, fashion, home furnishing, luggage, kitchenware and daily essentials. In addition, shoppers can also take part in contests and win vouchers.


Sabse Saste 5 Din also seeks to redefine the budget shopping experience. Bid goodbye to long queues by booking a pass for fast billing. If you have less than ten items in your cart, skip right ahead to the mobile express counter. If you are a person with disability (PWD) or a senior citizen, you can avail priority billing and special assistance. Priority billing will also be available to pregnant women and women shoppers with infants. And if you do decide to stock up for the entire season, don’t worry, you can also opt for home delivery in certain cities.

With the premise ‘abh karo paise ka pura nichod’, the Big Bazaar Sabse Saste 5 Din enables Indians to do what they do best — squeeze the maximum value out of their money. To know more about the sale, click here. To register for the sale, click here.

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