As India undergoes through an extended lockdown we are all doing our bit by staying safe at home, even though we may be restless and miss interacting with our friends and family. Many of us face challenges of being able to get essential supplies easily or even fears and insecurities over an uncertain future and livelihood; from blue-collar workers to small and medium-scale business, to the travel and food industry, these are just some of those who may be impacted.

As the world deals with these unprecedented circumstances, many of us are experiencing challenges we’ve never had to deal with before and while we may follow online advice on how to maintain a daily-routine, remain connected with others or stay fit as we go through this, yet another impactful way we can find meaning is by giving to those who are struggling with even the most basic necessities of food and shelter.

Now you can do this by logging on to the Amazon App. Through Amazon, the leading e-commerce and payment solutions company, you can donate money to the flagship PM Cares Fund via UPI and also to other highly-respected NGOs such as United Way, Akshaya Patra, Oxfam, Goonj and Habitat for Humanity.


Even small donations can make a big difference to those in need, especially the underprivileged families facing food shortages, migrant workers stuck on the country’s highways and the courageous hospital staff working selflessly to keep us safe. Amazon has committed to contribute an additional 10% to the cause (once per donor) and the company is doing all it can to ensure supply of essential items through the extended lockdown period.

Donations made through Amazon are being used three ways:

i) Hygiene kits with hand wash, soaps, disinfectants etc. are being distributed to young children, elderly and those who are most risk of getting infected.

ii) Grocery kits with rice, wheat, oil and pulses are being distributed to daily-wage workers and families who’ve had a significant loss of livelihood.

iii) Personal protective kits with N95 masks, gloves and surgical caps are being distributed to government hospitals and health workers facing an acute shortage of equipment.

Donating through Amazon is a simple way to contribute to a larger cause, using a familiar interface and super-secure payment system is one less hurdle to action your good intentions into helping others. If you’ve have ever felt proud to be an Indian and wanted positive change for your country, now is the time to come together. While the current crisis has compelled us to maintain social distance from each other, we can forge unbreakable connections by making an invaluable donation to those in need. The fight against COVID-19 can be won if we help those most affected by it in whatever way we can, small and big.

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