Ind 215/2 after 80 overs: The new ball is now available but the light isn’t good enough to take it. Root says he wanted to bring in the fast bowlers and light is offered to the batsmen. And that is that. End of day’s play. 34 overs, 103 runs, 1 wicket in the session. Another session for India. Pujara ends the day on 91, Kohli on 45.

Ind 200/2 after 77 overs: A superb effort by India under immense pressure. They still trail by 154 runs but England looking tired in the middle now. Pujara and Kohli looking very good indeed.

Ind 194/2 after 74 overs: And Root almost had Kohli (35) there. He got one to turn in sharply and bat the bat. It went over the stumps. But what a ball!

Ind 185/2 after 71 overs: Steady stuff from India. They are looking to make sure they don’t give away a wicket later in the day.

Umpire was about take the players off the field due to bad light but Root said he will bowl.

Ind 178/2 after 68 overs: Pujara taking it easy now as Kohli is slowly starting to assert himself in the middle. England need Moeen to do an important job for them.

Ind 176/2 after 66 overs: India tail by 178 runs, the pitch looks flat and they have two well set batsmen in the middle.

Ind 171/2 after 63 overs: India trail by 183 runs. Pujara and Kohli looking good in the middle and timing the ball well too.

Ind 162/2 after 60 overs: Kohli pulls a short one from Curran to the boundary line. The left-armer has had a tough time today, his bowling figures read 8-1-35-0. He hasn’t got his line right and has been punished.

Ind 157/2 after 59 overs: A few quiet overs as Kohli hogs the strike. Pujara has been on a different train today.

Meanwhile, big news from the football world...

Ind 151/2 after 55 overs: Another two fours for Pujara, this time off Anderson. He is just in a different zone today. 66 off 108 already.

Ind 143/2 after 54 overs: Robinson decided that the first ball to Pujara would be a short one. Usually Pujara just ducks the short ball but today he is taking it on. He just swayed out of the way and ramped it over the slip cordon for four. Superb stuff.

Ind 126/2 after 52 overs: India still trail by 228 runs and they desperately need Kohli to get going.

Ind 123/2 after 51 overs: 50 off 91 balls. Pujara pulls that away. He isn’t taking a backward step today. Superb batting this. The most fluent the right-hander has looked for a while now. Important for India that he carries on.

How close was that? Rohit will think himself to be pretty unlucky after seeing this.

Ind 116/2 after 47.1 overs: WICKET! Rohit (59) has been trapped LBW by Robinson. He takes a review but it shows that the ball might have clipped the stumps. Comes down to umpire’s call. Big moment this. Rohit wasn’t pleased. Root was thrilled. That is the way the game goes sometimes.

Ind 116/1 after 47 overs: A bit too wide from Overton to Pujara on the second ball after tea and Pujara cuts it away to the boundary. Great intent.

Time for the final session of Day 3. Rohit and Pujara will take guard again.

Ind 112/1 after 46 overs: And that is tea. 27 overs, 78 runs, 0 WICKETS in the session. Perfect for India. Rohit Sharma batting on 59 and Pujara on a fine 40 off 72 balls.

Ind 102/1 after 42 overs: India still trail by 252 runs. A long way to go but this is as good a start they could have hoped for. Rohit on 53, Pujara on 36. Both looking solid. The ball is over 40 overs old too.

Ind 98/1 after 40 overs: Moeen Ali into the attack and both batsmen won’t mind this. This is a sign of how well they have done against the pacers.

Ind 96/1 after 39 overs: Curran taking a bit of stick here. He has conceded 20 runs in his last three overs. Got one to swing back into Pujara but the right-hander flicked it away for four. England have fed Pujara too many balls on the legs.

Ind 89/1 after 39 overs: A maiden over from Anderson. Rohit playing it out carefully.

Ind 89/1 after 38 overs: 50 off 125 balls! Another brilliant Rohit Sharma knock. But the battle is just getting started. Two lovely fours – one straight down the ground and one through the covers – followed by a single. Curran the bowler.

Ind 79/1 after 34 overs: Pujara has got a few gifts and he has taken full toll to his credit. But this has been a good stand for India. Rohit just needs to be a little careful here.

Wow. Rohit Sharma dodged a bullet there. Root decided to go for the review a second too late. If he had taken it, Rohit would have been back in the dressing room. Three reds it was.

Ind 73/1 after 32 overs: A maiden over from Robinson which also had a huge shout for LBW against Rohit Sharma. Root took the review but it was a bit too late. The very next ball went past the bat. A missed opportunity?

Ind 73/1 after 31 overs: Anderson starts off with a maiden over. But a bit too wide to worry the batsman.

Anderson has switched ends. Overton gets a break now.

Ind 73/1 after 30 overs: England took a review and it was a bit too high. Missing the stumps. Rohit Sharma survives. Robinson the bowler. Then again, he scooped one over the infield. Maybe the India opener wants to start playing a few more shots now.

Ind 69/1 after 29 overs: Pujara is motoring along here. Another two fours for him and he moves on to 22 off 28 runs. A bit more fours for India after lunch and they won’t mind this.

Ind 61/1 after 28 overs: Two fours in the Robinson over for Rohit. One that seems to almost pop up but trickle to the boundary line at long-off and then one sliced away square of the wicket.

Robinson coming back into the attack. Anderson gets a break.

Ind 53/1 after 27 overs: Another maiden over.

Swing in the match so far...

Eng first innings (bowling): 1.4 degrees
Ind first innings: 0.9 degrees
Eng second innings so far: 1.9 degrees

Stat via Sony Sports

Ind 53/1 after 26 overs: Another maiden over. This time from Anderson. But England’s bowlers have certainly made things more difficult for the batsmen.

Ind 53/1 after 25 overs: Rohit calmly plays out a maiden over from Overton. He is in no hurry and in a zone of his own.

Ind 53/1 after 24 overs: England have lost their line to Pujara a little her. Three overs, three balls on the legs and three fours. The right-hander won’t mind this.

Ind 46/1 after 23 overs: Another clipped four for Pujara. This time off Overton. Nice to see that Pujara hasn’t gone into the shell right away.

Ind 41/1 after 22 overs: Pujara gets off the mark with a four off his legs. Anderson erring with his line and the right-hander took full toll.

Ind 35/1 after 21 overs: Superb over from Overton. Inswing, outswing, hitting Rohit on the pads. He has struck up a fine rhythm.

Ind 35/1 after 20 overs: Root going back to Anderson for the start of the session. The seamer bowled just 5 overs in his first spell.

Time for the post lunch session. Rohit Sharma is joined by Cheteshwar Pujara in the middle.

And that is lunch too. Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul did well to hold fort for most of that session but now England are into 3-4-5 and that only means trouble for India.

Ind 34/1 after 19 overs: WHAT A CATCH! The edge from Rahul (8 off 54) carried to the slips and Bairstow took a one-handed stunner with his left hand. Brilliant. It just stuck. Overton the bowler.

Ind 34/0 after 18 overs: Curran into the attack and he gets one to swing into Rohit’s pads. The Indian opener just flicked it to the boundary line.

Ind 30/0 after 17 overs: Overton continues from the other end and keeps things steady for England.

Ind 28/0 after 16 overs: 8 runs in the Robinson over including a wonderfully timed upper cut for six by Rohit. He just waited and quite nonchalantly helped it over the ropes. That might be the last we have seen of Robinson for a while – long 8 over spell for him.

Ind 20/0 after 15 overs: England have given nothing away but Rohit and Rahul haven’t done anything silly either. A fascinating battle by all means. High class seam and swing bowling against two determined openers.

Ind 18/0 after 14 overs: Maiden over from Robinson, who has bowling figures of 7-1-9-0.

Ind 18/0 after 13 overs: Robinson has looked the most dangerous of England’s bowlers so far. He just has been getting the ball to do something and surprise the batsmen. Overton getting into the act now. One simply taking off and another beating Rohit outside the off-stump. Brilliant.

Anderson gets a break. Overton into the attack.

Ind 16/0 after 10 overs: Rahul was almost gone there. Robinson got one to nip back and trap Rahul LBW. The umpire gave him him out but the batsman took a late review and it showed that the ball would have been missing. A close call.

Ind 14/0 after 9 overs: Anderson with a maiden over. He has already bowled 5 overs and India’s openers need to keep him at bay for probably a couple more before Root looks elsewhere.

Ind 14/0 after 8 overs: Robinson getting the ball to nip back into Rahul. The Indian openers has been beaten a few times. The wait now is for the outswinger. Engrossing battle.

Ind 13/0 after 7 overs: A bit too wide from Anderson and Rohit (8) carefully hit him through the covers for a four. He accounted for the swing. This wasn’t a full-blooded shot.

Ind 8/0 after 6 overs: India’s openers showing why they have had a good series so far. Being careful and circumspect. They need to play out time and score runs too.

The Paralympics are on as well and India’s Bhavina Patel is on a superb run.

Ind 5/0 after 5 overs: Lots of inswingers from Anderson in the first innings and the odd wicket-taking outswinger. This time he seems to be going the other, more conventional, way. India playing him carefully.

Ind 5/0 after 4 overs: One run from the Robinson over and no real alarms for India yet.

Ind 4/0 after 3 overs: Anderson getting superb shape on his deliveries. Everything seems to be coming into the right hander, then it pitches and goes away.

Ind 3/0 after 2 overs: Robinson settling into the corridor outside the off-stump. He doesn’t need to do much more. England have runs to play but the opening stand is vital for India. It can set the tone for the second innings.

Ind 2/0 after 1 over: Slight drizzle. Covers on. Covers off. Overcast. Cold. But Rohit plays out the first over from Anderson carefully. One dab down to third man got the two runs.

Rain at Headingley. The covers are coming now. Not too heavy though.

Eng 432 all out after 132.2 overs: WICKET! Robinson is clean bowled by Bumrah. India finish things off quickly. Four wickets for Shami, two for Siraj, Bumrah and Jadeja. Next up: What will the Indian batsmen do?

Eng 431/9 after 131.5 overs: WICKET! It didn’t take long for India to get their first wicket today. Shami attacked the stumps and he got his reward. Overton trapped LBW after making an important 32 off 42 balls. England took the review but it didn’t help. The ball would have hit the top of middle stump.

Eng 431/8 after 131 overs: Jadeja from the other end and he will run through the over in quick time. Slightly overcast.

Eng 431/8 after 130 overs: No Ishant to start off the proceedings for India today. But England get 8 runs off the first over bowled by Shami. England will want to bat for as long as possible.

It is drizzling: The pitch is under covers. Slight drizzle at Headingley.

Day 2 recap: England captain Joe Root’s third hundred in as many Tests against India took his side closer to a series-levelling win at the Yorkshire batsman’s Headingley home ground on Thursday.

Root’s 121 – his third century in as many matches this series – was the centrepiece of England’s 423-8 at stumps on the second day of the third Test as they established a huge first-innings lead of 345 after dismissing India for just 78 on Wednesday.

His latest hundred saw Root join Denis Compton (1947) and Michael Vaughan (2002) as the only England batsmen to score six Test centuries in a calendar year, with the all-time record of nine, set by Pakistan’s Mohammed Yousuf in 2006, now in his sights.

And on a day when England mourned the death of former captain Ted Dexter, one of their most stylish batsmen, at the age of 86, Root’s 23rd Test century featured several textbook shots that would have met with the approval of ‘Lord Ted’.

With openers Rory Burns (61) and Haseeb Hameed (68), as well as recalled No 3 Dawid Malan (70) making half-centuries, this was the first time all of England’s top four had made a fifty in the same Test innings since a match against New Zealand at Dunedin in 2013.