Pardeep Narwal became the most expensive player in Pro Kabaddi history as he was signed by UP Yoddha for Rs 1.65 crore at the auction ahead of season eight.

Narwal, who was part of an auction in Pro Kabaddi for the first time having been retained by the Patna Pirates in each of the last four seasons, attracted an opening bid of Rs 1.2 crore.

After a close bidding war, it was UP Yoddha who acquired the coveted signature of Narwal, who is the all-time leading points scorer in the league’s history.

The Pirates had an option to take back Narwal but they decided against exercising the Final Bid Match card.

Siddharth Desai received the second-highest bid as he was secured by Telugu Titans by using the FBM card. UP Yoddha had won the bidding with a bid of Rs 1.3 crore.

Raiders received heavy bids as youngsters Arjun Deshwal and Manjeet were acquired at high prices of Rs 96 lakhs and Rs 90 lakhs respectively. Chandran Ranjit and Sachin Tanwar also attracted bids over Rs 80 lakhs.

Veteran defender Surjeet Singh was the most expensive defender while Rohit Gulia received the highest bid for all-rounder as he was signed by Haryana Steelers for Rs 83 lakhs.

Among the overseas players, Iran’s Mohammadreza Chiyaneh was the most expensive player attracting a bid of Rs 31 lakhs.

Some big names like Vishal Mane, Rann Singh and Mohit Chhillar surprisingly went unsold.

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Full list of players signed

Player name Teams Final bid price (Rs lakh)
Pardeep Narwal (Raider) UP Yoddha 165
Siddharth Desai (Raider) Telugu Titans 130
Arjun Deshwal (raider) Jaipur Pink Panthers 96
Manjeet (Raider) Tamil Thalaivas 92
Sachin (Raider) Patna Pirates 84
Rohit Gulia (all-rounder) Haryana Steelers 83
Chandran Ranjit (Raider) Bengaluru Bulls 80
Surjeet Singh (Defender) Tamil Thalaivas 75
Ravinder Pahal (Defender) Gujarat Giants 74
Shriant Jadhav (Raider) UP Yoddha 72
K Prapanjan (Raider) Tamil Thalaivas 71
Nitin Tomar (Raider) Puneri Paltan 61
Vishal Bhardwaj (Defender) Puneri Paltan 60
Baldev Singh (Defender) Puneri Paltan 60
Sandeep Narwal (all-rounder) Dabang Delhi 60
Sandeep (Defender) Telugu Titans 59.5
Deepak Niwas Hooda Jaipur Pink Panthers 55
Surender Singh (Defend er) Telugu Titans 55
Prashant Kumar Rai (Raider) Patna Pirates 55
Brijendra Singh Chaudhary (All-rounder) Haryana Steelers 55
Mahender Singh (Defender) Bengaluru Bulls 50
Ajay Thakur (Raider) Dabang Delhi 46
Sandeep Kumar Dhull (Defender) Jaipur Pink Panthers 45
Jeeva Kumar (Defender) Dabang Delhi 44
Rahul Chaudhari (Raider) Puneri Paltan 40
Rohit Kumar (Raider) Telugu Titans 36
Sombir (Defender) Puneri Paltan 34.5
Rinku (Defender) U Mumba 32
Sunil (Defender) Patna Pirates 31.5
Sukesh Hegde (Raider) Bengal Warriors 30
Athul MS (Raider) Tamil Thalaivas 30
Ravi Kumar (Defender) Haryana Steelers 27.5
Deepak Narwal (Raider) Bengaluru Bulls 26.5
More G B (raider) Bengaluru Bulls 25
Ajith V Kumar (Raider) U Mumba 25
Rathan k (Raider) Gujarat Giants 25
Naveen (Raider) Jaipur Pink Panthers 22
Vikas Jaglan (all-rounder) Haryana Steelers 20
Dharmaraj Cheralathan (defender) Jaipur Pink Panthers 20
Joginder Singh Narwal (Defender) Dabang Delhi 20
Surender Nada (defender) Haryana Steelers 20
Sonu (Raider) Gujarat Giants 20
Sumit Singh (Raider) Bengal Warriors 20
Amit (Defender) Jaipur Pink Panthers 20
Manjeet Chillar (All-rounder) Dabang Delhi 20
Rishank Devadiga (Raider) Bengal Warriors 20
Monu Goyat (Raider) Patna Pirates 20
Girish Maruti Ernak (Defender) Gujarat Giants 20
Ruturaj Shivaji Koravi (Defender) Telugu Titans 19.8
Ajinkya Ashok Pawar (Raider) Tamil Thalaivas 19.5
Guman Singh (Raider) Patna Pirates 18.5
Sachin Vittala (Defender) Bengal Warriors 17.5
Akash Pikalmunde (Raider) Bengal Warriors 17
Sourabh Tanaji Patil (All-rounder) Tamil Thalaivas 15
Mayur Jagannath Kadam (Defender) Bengaluru Bulls 15
Mahendra Ganesh Rajput (Raider) Gujarat Giants 15
Manoj Gowda (All-rounder) Bengal Warriors 10
Sajin Chandrasekar (All-rounder) Patna Pirates 10
Rajesh Narwal (All-rounder) Haryana Steelers 10
Ajay Ghanghas (All-rounder) Haryana Steelers 10
Gurdeep ((All-rounder) UP Yoddha 10
E Subash (All-rounder) Puneri Paltan 10
Pankaj (All-rounder) U Mumba 10
Vijin Thangadurai (Defender) Bengal Warriors 10
Parveen (Defender) Bengal Warriors 10
Sourav Gulia (Defender) Patna Pirates 10
Rohit Banne (Defender) Bengal Warriors 10
Gaurav Kumar (Defender) UP Yoddha 10
Rajesh Gurjar (Defender) Haryana Steelers 10
Sunil Siddhgavali (Defender) U Mumba 10
Sandeep (Defender) Patna Pirates 10
Darshan J (Defender) Bengal Warriors 10
Adarsh T (Defender) Telugu Titans 10
Ankit (Defender) Bengaluru Bulls 10
Shubham Shinde (Defender) Patna Pirates 10
Karamvir (Defender) Puneri Paltan 10
Ajeet (Defender) U Mumba 10
Sahil (Raider) UP Yoddha 10
Ashok (Raider) Jaipur Pink Panthers 10
Bhavani Rajput (Raider) Tamil Thalaivas 10
Maninder Singh (Raider) Gujarat Giants 10
Harshit Yadav (Raider) Gujarat Giants 10
Jashandeep Singh (Raider) U Mumba 10
Rahul Rana (Raider) U Mumba 10
Vishwas S (Raider) Puneri Paltan 10
Gulveer Singh (Raider) UP Yoddha 10
Ankit (Raider) UP Yoddha 10
C Arun (Defender) Telugu Titans 10
Sahil (Defender) Tamil Thalaivas 10
Amit Nagar (Raider) Jaipur Pink Panthers 10
Vikas (Defender) Bengaluru Bulls 10
Shaul Kumar (Defender) Jaipur Pink Panthers 10
Ashish Kumar Sangwan (All-rounder) U Mumba 10
Pardeep Kumar (Raider) Gujarat Giants 10
Sagar B Krishna (All-rounder) Tamil Thalaivas 10
Aashish Nagar (Defender) UP Yoddha 10
Sushant Sail (Raider) Dabang Delhi 10
Ajay Kumar (Raider) Gujarat Giants 10
Santhapanaselvam (All-rounder) Tamil Thalaivas 10
Rohit (All-rounder) Bengal Warriors 6
Abinesh Nadarajan (Defender) Puneri Paltan 6
Vikas (Defender) Dabang Delhi 6
G Raju (Raider) Telugu Titans 6
Amit Chauhan (Raider) Telugu Titans 6
Sourav Kumar (Defender) Puneri Paltan 6

Top five most expensive players

S.No Name Playing position Contracted amount (INR) Team
1 Pardeep Narwal Raider 165L UP Yoddha
2 Siddharth Desai Raider 130L Telugu Titans (FBM)
3 Arjun Deshwal Raider 96L Jaipur Pink Panthers
4 Manjeet Raider 90L Tamil Thalaivas
5 Sachin Tanwar Raider 84L Patna Pirates

Top five most expensive overseas players

S.No Name Playing position Country Contracted amount (INR) Team
1 Mohammadreza Shadloui Chiyaneh All rounder Iran 31L Patna Pirates
2 Abozar Mohajer Mighani Defender Iran 30.50L Bengal Warriors
3 Jangkun Lee Raider Republic of Korea 20.50L Patna Pirates
4 Hadi Oshtorak All rounder Iran 20L Gujarat Giants
5 Mohammad Esmaeil Maghsodlou Raider Iran 13.20L Haryana Steelers